The Sunday Mail (6.3.07)


Edited By Billy Sloan

SIOUXSIE SIOUX will mark the 30th anniversary of the "summer of punk" with her first solo single.

Last night the singer gave Email a sneak preview of the track - Into A Swan - and we reckon she's set for the comeback of the year.

It's three decades since the Sex Pistols stuck a safety pin through the Queen's nose and caused chaos with their in famous boat trip on the Thames.

Siouxsie, a huge fan, struggled to get a deal for her group, The Banshees, back then. But she'll stick two fingers up to the record chiefs who snubbed her by releasing a solo album on indie label W14 Imprint in September. It was recorded in London and France.

She said: "What drives me is always to do the thrill you feel when working on a new project."

There are also plans for a UK tour - including Scottish gigs - to launch the new CD.

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