Oh Boy! (8.23.80)


Battling Beauties tell all!

The tarts from the top of the charts let us in on their make-up marvels! Here's how to do it yourself!


FACE: Mmm, peaches 'n' cream! That's how we'd describe Deb's fabulous complexion!

That's what comes of removing every scrap of make-up after all those late-night shows!

Deb chooses a pale foundation carefully blended in. A little loose powder brushed all over will stop any shine seeping through.

Deb's great face shape is really stunning, and she helps it along with clever shaping 'n' shading.

You can get the same effect by applying a peachy powder blusher high up on your cheekbones, blending to a point by the side of your nose. Add a dab of blusher to the tip of your chin too!

EYES: That heavy-lidded sultry look would send any guy in a spin! Here's how to socket to him!

Apply a cream highlighter on your browbone and lids.

With a coloured eye pencil, draw an arc in your socket, winging out at sides. Blend with fingertips to soften edges. Try pinks and purple shades.

Mascara top and bottom lashes. Wait till dry then apply another couple of coats.

Darken eyebrows with the feathery strokes of an eye pencil.

LIPS: Get them tempting! With a sharp brown lip pencil outline lip shape. Fill in with loads of bright pink lippy. Blot with tissue, then apply some more. It'll stay on longer!

Highlight cupid's bow with white to get a sexy shine on top lip.

HAIR: If you want a true Debbie hair style the get the bleach out!

Deb's not daft, 'cos she only bleaches the front, leaving the back her natural brown colour.

If you get fed up with it, then stuff it under a pork pie hat like Debbie!


FACE: Here's the chance for all you brunettes to steal the limelight from the blondes!

For starters, make sure your skin's clear. Slap on some moisturiser then apply a honey coloured foundation, blending right down to the neckline.

'Set' with translucent powder. Now for blusher. Shape-up with a tawny blusher, and don't be shy about it either!

Make a couple of bold sweeps either side pointing downwards to the mouth.

EYES: Start off by covering whole eye area with frosted white shadow. With black eye pencil, draw a line under bottom lashes and in socket line. Blend carefully a little at outer edges.

With jet black mascara give lashes several coats.

Now for eyebrows. With a black eyebrow pencil make the inner edges of eyebrows dead straight, and pencil over your own eyebrows until you've got a couple of nicely shaped Banshee brows!

LIPS: Get out the jampot! First outline lips with a deep red lip pencil.

With a lip brush and the brightest red lippy around, fill in your outlined lips.

With a clear glosser; slick over bottom lips for a sexy pouting look.

HAIR: Let your crop grow out, like Siouxsie and reach for the Black dye!

Blow dry hair with your head upside down to get a spikey look.

Contributed by Bonnie Bryant.

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