BBC Ceefax p. 569 (7.17.02)

Siouxsie & the Banshees

Review by Leigh Mytton

"If it scratches, itch it" said Siouxsie, kicking off a Banshees first tour since 1995.

Siouxsie, Budgie, Steve Severin and Knox Chandler were rubbing themselves raw to reform if this superb 7 Year Itch Tour gig was anything to go from. Strobe lights flashed around the venue until we were giddy with expectation.

Then we whizzed back to 1978 with Pure and Jigsaw Feeling back-to-back. Sioux - looking elegant in trouser suit and bejewelled bikini top - has lost none of her passion. She chopped, writhed and windmilled across the stage - prompting many audience members to attempt to copy her. Her between song repartee was friendly and affectionate - even when she told the moshers to "behave themselves". Her vitriol was saved for the bouncers - one of who copped a mid-song telling off during Cities In Dust.

The audience spanned the generations - and so did the set. There was Metal Postcard from 1979, Christine from 1980, We Hunger from 1984, Landsend and Lullaby from 1986 and Kiss Them For Me from 1991. Siouxsie swaggered through Nightshift- the calm before the storm that was Voodoo Dolly, which left her spread-eagled on the floor. Even Steven was animated and Budgie as ever was drumming for Britain.

The slinky Trust In Me opened the first of three encores, which witnessed Siouxsie kicking up her legs in gymnastic fashion. Weird and wonderful support X-Girl (in psychedelic frog outfits) provided backing vocals for the finale Peek-a-boo. Please don't make us wait seven years next time. I'm itching already...

Contributed by Sandra and Mike.

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