Saturday, 9.11.04
Variety Playhouse

Written by Kyle Huff

man - jesus friggin' christ, what a show. I do not have the setlist, as I am not familiar with enough of the creatures repertoire, but I can tell you it was absolutely amazing - hands down one of the best shows I have ever seen.

the siouxsie show surpassed anything i could have imagined and now ranks in the top 5 of all shows i have ever seen - impossible to describe - blew us all away. three encores consisting of multiple songs each - absolutely FANTASTIC stage presence for siouxsie - up near bowie. wow. i can't tell you anything more other than it left me feeling like i used to after one of the best dead shows - everyone just standing around, drenched in sweat, shaking their heads thinking... "oh my f****** god - what just happened" - very intense. shane definitely lost a cherry that night!!!



the venue came out and told us "you will be asked to leave if you bring in a camera", so mine did NOT go inside.

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