Bust (Spring '03)

Desperately Seeking Susan Sarandon - Looking for positive old models in the media

These days, saying that you'd like to grow older as effortlessly, gracefully, and sensuously as Susan Sarandon is about as original as remarking that it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Sure, Susan has aged like a fine wine, getting better and more piquant with each passing year, and remaining sexy and vibrant well into her 50's. But dammit, Janet, there has got to be more than one woman in the popular culture who makes celebrating another birthday look to be about as painful as eating an eclair. Here, then, are just a few of the women who continue to rage, rage against the dying of the limelight, and inspire us to do the same.


Siouxsie Sioux [May 27, 1957]

As a member of the notorious Bromley Contingent (followers of the Sex Pistols) Siouxsie broke out of the London suburbs to become the late 70's British Punk It Girl, morphing into a post-punk acid/exotica queen, and then, much to her own disgust, into goth poster child. Siouxsie is the original ice queen of pop, although in real life she's actually a very intelligent, lovely person. She's been a rock 'n' roll icon since day one and no one- not Gwen, Britney, Pink, J. Lo, or any of those walking fashion faux pas with their contrived ultra-cool demeanor- even comes close to reaching her hemline. Turning 46 this year, Siouxsie looks mature but still ageless. At a 2002 Banshees gig I attended, the band rocked and was very psychedelic as always, confirming that Siouxsie is eternal, and all is still wekk in the happy house.

Michael Worshipme

Contributed by Bonnie Bryant.

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