Philadelphia City Paper (July 31-August 6 1998)

The Creatures and John Cale
by a.d. amorosi

With an upcoming show and CD from Bauhaus, it looks as if art-goth-rock is still flourishing. And no two acts helped define its sound like Creatures leader Siouxsie Sioux and Velvet Underground instigator John Cale. Though Cale tripped the solo light fantastic with "Paris 1919" and his "Songs For Drella" collaboration with Lou Reed, his emphasis is on mordant classicism and dirge-like frenzies of noise. Several generations behind Cale, Siouxsie Sioux and her hubbie Budgie have made seething baroque punk with the Banshees and crushingly spare jungle-jazz with the Creatures.

While Cale spent his summer break finishing his memoirs, Sioux and Budgie's Creatures have been busy with two new efforts on their own Sioux label: a quirky, percussive EP "Eraser Cut" and their third full-length "Anima Animus." "Animus" stutters its way through herky-jerky rhythms and frayed electronics with gear-grinding drumming ('Exterminating Angel') and weather-beaten trip-hop ('Don't Go To Sleep'). Plus, Siouxsie's catatonic wail is still in fine form.

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