Barrowland Ballroom

by Dave Bird

Having spent most of the late seventies and all of the eighties following Siouxsie, I looked forward to a re-kindling of the Banshee flame. Unfortunately it was more of a dim light that played the Barra's on Friday night.

From the provisional listing from her new Album she managed to attempt only 4 songs, with Christine being almost unrecognisable. Why there was no Israel or Happy House I can't fathom.

I can live without the hits, as virtually every track of JUJU and The Scream is a hit in its own right. But even those were delivered off-key with dreadful sound quality.

I recall seeing many of their gigs in the 80's and regularly came away with a dissatisfaction from their live performances. After 15 years the same nagging feeling came back to me --- Stay at home and listen to the vinyl, the live stuff's just a cheap imitation!

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