Shepherds Bush Empire

by Martin Percival

London - 10th July - Banshees

The last night of the Itchy and Scratchy Tour

Tonight was THE gig of the tour. I've seen every date and tonight's show really was superb. Sioux even thanked the audience...not something I've seen very often in the last 24 years!

The set was:

Jigsaw Feeling
Metal Postcard
Red Light
Happy House
Lands End
Cities in Dust
I Could Be Again
Voodoo Dolly
Blue Jay Way
Peek A Boo (with eX Girls)

The whole show was filmed again. Last night I suspect the filming was just a dry run with the real work being done tonight. It should make a terrific release. Sioux gave a long intro to Metal Postcard in German where she mentioned John Heartfield. Guenter will translate the details I'm sure! Sadly it wasn't the full Mittageisen but it was a great version of the song. Sioux was on good form tonight, pretty playful and not overly catty. Knox was asked why he "takes so long to strap it on?" - meaning his guitar for Christine! The sparkly bra got yet another showing tonight, I do hope she has multiples of those! No Kiss them for me tonight. Good decision. They've struggled with it all tour and in Glasgow everything went downhill fast after that one.

eX Girl got a big thank you too from Sioux after their backing vocals on Peek-a-Boo - "the best support we have ever had". I loved them (not everyone else did) but I'm sure the Human League, Cure, Altered Images, Scientists and others would have something to say about Sioux's comment!

The Banshees are back - and on truly wonderful form! For me the best part of the tour was seeing old faces who I never thought I'd see again - Chris, Rat, Dave, Steve, Mark and the others - it was terrific seeing you after such a long time!

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