Melody Maker (8.15.98)

Review by Maker journalist Dave Simpson and two guys from The Supernaturals.

DS: Eye-liner goddess Siouxsie and sticksman Budgie from the Banshees. If this were played in a club, half the crowd would end up in traction. This is a seriously and strangely funky piece, yet with an eerie, chilling power that could reduce global warming by several degrees. Sioux and Budgie have been around since 1977, but sound here like they were born in 1977. Awesome.

TS: "I wasn't a massive fan of the Banshees but I've got a couple of their albums. I like this, it's totally innovative. It's got loads of wierd instruments, interesting Eighties synths, bells, African drumming and her voice is amazing. But it's not gonna get on a radio station in Hull or somewhere now, is it!"

DS: Oh I dunno, Magic FM in the back of a cab. A black cab, obviously.

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