Saturday, 10.16.04
Royal Festival Hall

Written by Nathan

I went to the Saturday show at the Festival Hall to see Siouxsie for the first time.I have been a fan for over 20 years but never got to see her live.Anyway I was totally blown away by a great performance and sat the whole gig mesmerised.

To be honest I was so happy to be there it brought a water to my eyes.I enjoyed all the songs and was glad of the mixture of Banshees and Creatures material.Siouxsies vocals were powerful and distinctive and the ensemble gave alot of the songs a totally different sound.

Budgie and Leonard were excellent and the intro with the rising sun really set the scene for a memorable evening.

All in all it surpassed all my expectations and hopefully I will get to see alot more in the future and long may Siouxsie continue as the music scene is sadly lacking in individuality and creativity.

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