RT Guide (5.15.98)

Siouxsie: "The Banshees played their last dates in '95. Since then, I've been recording this Creatures' album and pulling myself away from management, record company. They end up asking you, 'Have you got a single coming out that you're promoting?' We say, 'That's not what we're doing. We're not going to play live to promote a single or an album. We're going to promote the music, and we're straining at the least to get out and work.' Apart from the two dates at The Garage at the end of this month, we're then embarking on a ten-week tour with John Cale. We're probably going to release an EP August I think, then a single, and then the album. And that's gonna be on Sioux Records. That's the only way I felt I could release this music rather than giving it up to a record company."

Can I ask you about the web? I mean, do you like it? Do you enjoy surfing? Do you use it at all?

Siouxsie: "I'm a techno-luddite, but Budgie is well into it and hooked up. Just seeing him mount information...or misinformation...that's out there..."

Budgie: "Especially now, we've left record companies and management, and so we're quite self-sufficient. And it's good to kind of look at people who are concerned and interested enough to get up, you know, and get a discussion going. And therefore, you know, you really are tapping into something...that hopefully...what people are really thinking about, really talking about. Not what the papers and magazines would consider would be happening right now."

Can I just ask you about the other guests on tonight's show?

Budgie: "Always interesting to see what Tricky's doing next. And it's nice to see the Smashing Pumpkins over."

Do you get nervous before this sort of thing?

Siouxsie: "It's infuriatingly the case...nerves, mixed with adrenaline, anticipation. That never goes away."

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