Sunday, 9.26.04
The Showbox

Written by Jose Crespo

Already the rumours are circulating around the Seattle scene. It's being said that even though the show was sold-out the venue was still letting people in as long as they paid a little extra at the door. Of course this is rumour but I will say this. I've seen 5 shows at the Showbox and 2 of which were sold-out. The Siouxsie show last night had WAY more people than I recall the venue having when sold out. Siouxsie came out around 10:15 but was originally slated for 9:30 which is usually no big fuss BUT the venue was insanely crowded and there were at least 2 fist fights before the show began(& 2 more that I saw during the show!)

As for the show itself, well, it was great of course. When Siouxsie first came out she was very Siouxsie the Ice Queen. She was staring down the front row audience while singing and seemed detached. She was both beautiful and intimidating, to quote one of the very front row people. When Godzilla! started the mood changed. Siouxsie was really enjoying herself, smiling alot and she was all over the place physically. She can really move. I don't have the exact setlist but the first part of the show contained the following in no particular order, Say Yes!, Around the World, Seven Tears, Godzilla!, Standing There, Miss the Girl,Dear Prudence,Christine,Shooting Sun, Kiss Them For Me, 2nd Floor. She was speaking in Spanish to a guy in the front row and made a reference to Downside Up. The encore contained: But Not Them, Take Mine, Prettiest Thing, Another Planet, Happy House, Face to Face, Not Forgotten and the second encore was soley Arabian Knights. Highlights of the show included Happy House in which her and Leonard Eto were dancing back and forth in beat(you had to see it to get the full effect, it was so fucking cool) and Arabian Knights where Leonard Eto was an amazing addition and the over 1000 voices lifting there fists and barking the "Hu, Hu, Hu ,Hu, Hoaaah!" part in unison with Siouxsie. Over all there was much chaos before and a little during the show but it was truly, honestly fucking great.

Oh yeah, she wiped the sweat off her brow into the front row and then did the same with the sweat from her cleavage. They loved it.

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