Following two London gigs in May, The Creatures embarked on their North American NOHOW tour with John Cale on June 22nd in Mexico City, wrapping up on August 8th in Washington, D.C. Cale co-headlined all North American shows except for a special Sioux Records party at Coven 13 in Los Angeles. The Creatures were backed by Susan Stenger of Band of Susans and Cale's guitarist, Mark Deffenbaugh, on bass, and the sets included collaborative works with Cale. Chad Taylor, who previously worked with Beck, took over some programming duties. The Creatures then returned for four UK gigs beginning on August 27th with a special night of short films and an acoustic set at the Lux Cinema in London and ending with two additional mid-September London shows. North American tour merchandise included one Creatures/Cale t-shirt design. Two other shirts and a set of buttons were available at the London gigs in May, special t-shirts were printed for the Coven 13 gig, and gummi-Creatures candy was handed out after Lux Cinema's Sioux Records Night. I have included setlists, reviews, and pictures sent in by fans from all over. Thanks for your important contributions to this site!

5.30.98--London, The Garage [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
5.31.98--London, The Garage [Setlist]
6.22.98--Mexico City, Hard Rock Live [Photos]
6.24.98--Santa Cruz, Palookaville [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
6.25.98--San Francisco, Maritime Hall [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
6.26.98--San Francisco, Maritime Hall [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
6.28.98--Chico, 319 Main Street (Cancelled)
6.29.98--Sacramento, Crest Theatre [Setlist/Review]
7.1.98--Portland, Roseland Theater [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.3.98--Seattle, Fenix Underground [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.4.98--Seattle, Fenix Underground [Setlist] [Review]
7.6.98--Santa Cruz, Palookaville [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.7.98--Santa Ana, Galaxy Concert Theatre (Cancelled)
7.7.98--Ventura, Majestic Ventura Theatre [Setlist] [Review]
7.9.98--Los Angeles, Coven 13 [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
7.12.98--San Diego, 4th & B [Setlist] [Review] [Photos]
7.14.98--Hollywood, The Palace [Reviews]
7.15.98--Hollywood, The Palace [Reviews]
7.17.98--Pomona, The Glass House [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
7.18.98--Tempe, Gibson's [Review] [Photos]
7.19.98--Las Vegas, Huntridge Theatre [Photos]
7.21.98--Albuquerque, The Zone [Setlist]
7.23.98--Salt Lake City, Wasatch Events Center [Review]
7.24.98--Denver, Ogden Theatre [Review]
7.27.98--Minneapolis, First Avenue [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.28.98--Chicago, Metro [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.29.98--Chicago, Metro [Setlist] [Reviews]
7.31.98--Detroit, State Theatre [Setlist] [Reviews]
8.1.98--Philadelphia, Electric Factory [Reviews] [Photos]
8.2.98--Boston, The Roxy [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
8.4.98--New York, Life [Setlist] [Reviews]
8.5.98--New York, Life [Setlist] [Reviews]
8.6.98--New York, Life [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
8.8.98--Washington, D.C., 9:30 Club [Setlist] [Reviews] [Photos]
8.10.98--Toronto, The Warehouse (Cancelled)
8.27.98--London, Lux Cinema [Setlist] [Review] [Photos]
8.29.98--Edinburgh, Queens Hall [Setlist/Reviews] [Photos]
8.30.98--Newcastle, Riverside (Cancelled)
9.11.98--London, ULU [Setlist] [Review] [Photos]
9.12.98--London, ULU [Setlist] [Review] [Photos]